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Efficiency Information

The laser measuring practice developped by me is the first high precicion electronic measuring equipment for frames and chassis. You too can take advantage of my developments. After an accident acknowledgement of damage is usually a problem. By usinig my methods of measuring you are in a position to proceed like an expert.

I can offer you three different types of measuring equipment for chassis at very flavourable conditions:

1. Mechanical gauges -used- (This equipment is mostly suitable for small companies and starters)

EUR 1.994,04

2. Köster laser gauge -used-

EUR 3.016,62

3. Köster laser gauge  TRIO - new development

EUR 5.521,95

In addition I am looking for suitable partners to grant licences for production and sales of the patented measuring equipment for the respective European countries.

For any further information needed please do not hesitate to contact us.